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Command Level 1 Training

Winter 2021 | Livingston County

"The wellness & safety of law enforcement officers is critical

not only to themselves, their colleagues, and their agencies, but also to public safety."

-Pillar 6 Quote, 21st Century Policing

       A Welcome from the Director:

The Shield Leadership Institute is excited to offer a basic supervision school as its inaugural offering of courses.  The course, titled Command Level One, will be the building block for more advanced courses of study.  The impetus behind the Command Level One course is the lack of relevant, contemporary basic supervision training currently being offered in the State of Michigan and around the nation. 


As MCOLES Director, I had duties that allowed me to interact with all 597 police agencies and 20 police academies, not to mention the numerous other training consortiums.  The consistent complaint I heard was that there is little training for future and new supervisors.  In addition, one of the issues discussed at the President's 21st Century Police Task Force report is that not enough leadership training is being offered in law enforcement `and one recommendation is that such training should be offered as early in an officer's career as possible.  Shield has also researched and is utilizing recommendations of the International Association of Chiefs of Police and the Police Executive Research forum in topics of leadership and officer wellness. 


We at Shield wish to fill that void as well as meet the recommendation from the task force report and offer a comprehensive, contemporary, and affordable training option for basic supervisors.  It is intended for those who are preparing for that first promotion or are newly appointed.  That does not imply that a more senior supervisor would not benefit from this as well, especially one who has received little or no formal training since being promoted.


We thank you for your service and look forward to working with you soon. 


David Harvey


David Harvey, M.P.A
Past MCOLES Director
Chief Operations Officer


Kymberli Flanagan, Ph.D.
Chief Education Officer

"Law enforcement agencies should provide, to the degree possible, counseling, training, and professional development opportunities and assistance to members that will promote production, proficiency, and effectiveness."


-IACP Police Center

"To be effective in an ever-changing world, training must continue throughout an officer's career."

-Pillar 5 Quote, 21st Century Policing



Past MCOLES Director

Chief Operations Officer

David is the former MCOLES Director and Police Chief in Garden City Michigan. After his retirement as Chief in Garden City, he later found a career as City Manager in Garden City, putting to use his Master of Public Administration degree from the University of Michigan.   

Throughout his law enforcement career, he has held positions in several units such as patrol, narcotics investigations and crime prevention.  Prior to his role as Chief at both Garden City and Detroit Metropolitan Airport, he served the ranks of Detective Sergeant and Lieutenant.  David has served as an instructor in both Firearms and OUIL to name a few.  


In addition to his work with Shield Leadership, David continues his passion with a wide array of experiences to include overseeing law enforcement projects in Nigeria, Kosovo, Serbia and has served as keynote speaker for a law enforcement conference in Columbia.   

David continues his passion giving back to law enforcement education, having served as both an Adjunct Instructor and Assistant Professor for the past twenty years with his Alma Mater, Madonna University, where he received his B.A. in Criminal Justice. 

                                      KYMBERLI FLANAGAN, Ph.D

                                             Chief Education Officer




Dr. Flanagan is a first generation college student that always hoped for a career in law enforcement. While paths led her to a degree in Business and decades long work in Hospitality Management, her

graduate degree’s led her to curriculum development, instructional design and educational leadership in vocational subjects. Her research interests are in the education of adult learners and cross generational workplaces.


Dr. Flanagan currently works at Ferris State University as a faculty member in the College of Business as well as being the program advisor for business programs at the Grand Rapids campus. Her passion for program development, accreditation process, curriculum building and adult learners led her to this work

with Shield Leadership Institute.

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